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If you need immediate information you can call one of these 24-hour toll-free hotlines.

  • Rape Abuse & Incest National Network
  • 800-656-4673
  • Childhelp USA
  • 800-422-4453
  • National Domestic Violence/Abuse Hotline
  • 800-799-7233


My research, clinical work, teaching and consultation have focused on the psychological and biological effects of child abuse and sexual assault, and on contemplative practices and expanded states of consciousness in the service of healing. 

I consult to clients and teach a variety of professionals on trauma, healing and seeking justice, including the neurobiology of trauma and its implications for the law enforcement and legal systems, the nature of traumatic memories, and (legal) psychedelic-assisted therapy.

I advise and train psychotherapists, civilian and military investigators and prosecutors, victim advocates, university administrators and senior military officers. My nonprofit work includes being a founding board member and long-time advisor of 1in6, and I regularly speak with journalists to share my professional expertise as well as larger historical and cultural perspectives and insights.

Finally, as you can see on this extensive website, I like to share my knowledge and insights, as much as possible, for free.


This is the most comprehensive section of the site, with a wealth of information and resources on unwanted and abusive childhood experiences, including special sections on consequences of child abuse and recovered memories of sexual abuse.

Brain-based reasons why many victims don't fight or yell and have fragmentary memories. Includes links to writings, videos, handouts and other resources for working with people who've been sexually assaulted.

A model of key brain circuitries that's grounded in neuroscience, fits with our lived experience, and is a powerful tool for understanding and transforming basic cycles of suffering, healing and happiness.

Information about mindfulness, kindness and compassion, as well as resources for learning to cultivate these qualities with meditation and other contemplative practices.

Key information about what brings healing and happiness, including which kinds of personal and therapy relationships, and resources for finding and evaluating therapists.